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Talent Strategy

Talent is the company's most valuable resource. Since its establishment, the company has always adhered to the people-oriented employment concept, attaches importance to the development and training of talents, and strives to create various conditions for the growth of talents, so as to retain people by career, treatment, emotion, and culture. Make the company develop and grow by giving full play to the talents of the employees, and reflect the employees' own value through the development and growth of the company.

Career retention: people make the best use of their talents, pay attention to the innovation and growth of employees, give employees a broad development platform and smooth promotion channels, etc.

Treatment and retention: basic salary, overtime salary, performance salary, year-end bonus, five social insurance and one housing fund, etc.

Emotional retention: statutory holidays, employee dinner parties, employee travel, holiday subsidies, etc.

Cultural retention: an honest and pragmatic corporate culture, a solidarity and mutual-assisted employee relationship, and the principle of fairness and justice.